Start Your Home's Construction With a Concrete Slab

Start Your Home's Construction With a Concrete Slab

Residential slab foundation pouring in Apple Valley, Hurricane & St. George, UT

When building a home, most future homeowners choose between two different types of foundations-the slab and the crawl space. Both of them use concrete, just in different ways. If your house will be built on a slab, there will be no open, or "crawl space" underneath. At Andrew Zitting Construction LLC, we can pour the slab foundation for your home with ease.

This is how concrete slab construction is done:

  • Dig about a foot down into the dirt on your lot
  • Add reinforcing steel bars
  • Pour concrete to fill in the footprint of your home
  • Build a house on top, securing it to the slab

If you need a slab foundation, our team is ready to help. Schedule your residential slab foundation job in Apple Valley, Hurricane or St. George, UT with the experts at Andrew Zitting Construction today.

Why choose a slab foundation?

If you're trying to decide between a crawl space and a slab, it's important to consider the benefits of each. Concrete slab construction is generally less expensive than a crawl space foundation. Many homeowners also choose a concrete slab foundation because:

  • It takes less time for a concrete slab to dry
  • Slab foundations prevent flooding and gas leaks under the house
  • Termites are less likely to invade a slab
  • Houses with slab foundations require fewer steps to enter

If you've chosen to pour a slab foundation, contact the experts at Andrew Zitting Construction now. We can handle your residential slab foundation pour in Apple Valley, Hurricane or St. George, UT.